uNder And throUgh waTer datasets for geospatIaL stUdieS

Benchmark datasets are a fundamental tool in the scientific method. They provide a reliable testbed for researchers and practitioners who do not have the opportunity to collect data themselves, allow for a fair comparison of existing techniques and push the scientific community to pursue more and more high-performance solutions. For these considerations NAUTILUS (uNder And throUgh waTer datasets for geospatIaL stUdieS) project wants to set up a series of preparatory activities leading to the creation of a multi-sensor/cross-modality benchmark dataset.

NAUTILUS is an ISPRS Scientific Initiative 2023.

The  NAUTILUS Online User Meeting was held on January  15 2024!

Thank you for the great participation!!

The NAUTILUS first-phase questionnaire has been shared with the community!

The results are now available online

Face-to-face interviews are still running out. If you are interested, please contact us

We are starting to gather already existing dataset. If you are interested in sharing yours, please contact us